International Initiatives

As globalization makes the world smaller, flatter, and more interconnected, Boston University continues to examine and refine its mission, organization, curriculum, and ventures abroad in order to reflect and accommodate the needs of students and industries worldwide.

This is especially true at Metropolitan College. Recognizing that success in today’s competitive business and technology industries requires a global perspective, we cultivate a dynamic learning environment for students locally, nationally, and internationally—an environment that is infused with diverse insights, customs, and traditions.

MET International

International partnerships overseen by Metropolitan College’s MET International continue Boston University’s long-standing commitment to international higher education and global engagement. Through strategic alliances with educational institutions and organizations worldwide, the College’s international partnerships offer innovative academic delivery models, as well as access to the Boston University experience—exclusively for students from our partner institutions abroad.

The MET International team is responsible for facilitating the development and overseeing the implementation of Metropolitan College’s internationally oriented academic programs in Boston, as well as for fostering the College’s strategic collaborations with organizations abroad.

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