Actuarial Science Program Excels in Basics and Complexities of the Field, Says Master’s Student

in Actuarial Science, MET News
December 13th, 2018

Xiaotian Zhou

Xiaotian Zhou, a MET student set to graduate with his Master of Science in Actuarial Science later this month, spoke with about the positive experiences he’s had in the program. “The courses here are not limited to helping you prepare for actuarial exams. We have the opportunity to learn advanced techniques, such as using SAS to analyze data. We also learn the basics that you need to know to be an actuary, such as Microsoft Excel and Access,” he said. “I think it is a great program for students who want to learn advanced knowledge about actuarial science or for students who did not major in actuarial science as their undergraduate major and want to be in the insurance industry.”

Speaking of Associate Professor of the Practice Hal Tepfer, who serves as director of the program, Zhou said, “His class teaches you to understand the complex math and concepts, but besides that, he also teaches you how to explain those complex ideas in an easy way for people without an actuarial background.”

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