Chadwick Fellows 2016–2017

in Chadwick Fellowship
August 8th, 2016

Recipients of the 2016–2017 Chadwick Fellowship are:

Faculty: Roger Warburton

Roger Warburton

Associate Professor of Administrative Sciences, Roger D. H. Warburton will explore “Dynamic Portfolio Management: The Implementation Gap,” which is the interesting phenomenon of proven classroom techniques failing during implementation in companies. To this end, the Chadwick Fellowship will provide Dr. Warburton the opportunity to interview participants in Dynamic Portfolio Management training programs, analyze their failures, and evaluate the lessons learned. The findings will be incorporated into the courses he teaches at Metropolitan College.

Project Presentation Slides


Staff: Kimberly Kuborn

Kimberly Kuborn
Assistant Dean of Administration Kimberly Kuborn (MET’08, SED’15) will work on her project: “Survey Research and Psychometric Instrumentation in Higher Education,” which relates to her previous doctoral research on the Assessment of Alumni Learning and Career Outcomes and her work in the Office of the Dean at Metropolitan College.  The Chadwick Fellowship will not only provide Dr. Kuborn with the opportunity to prepare and teach a workshop on survey research for faculty, staff, and students at MET; but will also assist her with disseminating and publishing her findings nationally.

Project Presentation Slides