Patricia W. Chadwick Fund for Professional Development

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March 20th, 2013

Established by alumna Patricia W. Chadwick (MET’75) in 2010, the Patricia W. Chadwick Fund for Professional Development celebrates the dedication of Metropolitan College’s faculty and staff members. The permanently endowed fund provides annual grants for professional development opportunities to one faculty and one staff member who exemplify a high level of service and commitment to MET and its students.

This fellowship recognizes the members of Metropolitan College’s faculty and staff who often serve as “angels” to students seeking advice and counsel, and honors the memory of Ms. Chadwick’s own angel, Annie Martindale, an academic counselor at the College.

Hear from previous Chadwick Fellowship winners:
Rob Haley
Barbara Rotger
Danielle Rousseau
Rich Maloney
Elena Garafoli

Chadwick Fellows 2015–2016

Recipients of the 2015–2016 Chadwick Fellowship are:

Faculty: Lecturer in Gastronomy Karen Metheny (GRS’02)

The award will fund work on Dr. Metheny’s project, “The Cultural ‘Other’ in Colonial New England: The Duality of Maize.” This multidisciplinary study of maize and its significance to New England colonists will challenge its portrayal as a famine food or poor substitute for wheat. The Chadwick Fellowship will allow Metheny to conduct archival research at a number of New England historical societies and will enhance teaching materials for a number of Gastronomy classes.

Staff: Distance Education Senior Media Producer Ed Wozniak (COM’06)

The award will fund Wozniak’s exploration of “Best Practices and Relationship Building in Media Production,” with the specific purpose of developing the expertise needed to establish a more accessible online environment in distance learning programs. Wozniak will spend a week “shadowing” the director of media services at the University of Wisconsin–Extension, while also attending the University’s Distance Teaching and Learning Conference.

Chadwick Fellows 2014–2015

garafoli-rousseau Recipients of the 2014–2015 Chadwick Fellowship are:

Faculty: Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Danielle Rousseau

The award will fund two qualitative research trips to Haiti to evaluate the cultural translation, adaptation, and implementation of a Trauma-Informed Mind-Body (TIMBo) program developed in response to gender-based violence following the 2010 earthquake. Read more about Rousseau’s ongoing efforts in Haiti in Metropolitan’s Commencement 2013 issue.

Staff: Distance Education Senior Instructional Designer Elena Garofoli (SED’78)

The award will fund purchase of Google Glass technology and travel costs to New York for a product fitting at Glass Base Camp. Garafoli will investigate how the wearable technology—which overlays one’s field of vision with relevant data projected directly onto the retina via tiny camera and prism—can be utilized for innovative online courses.

Chadwick Fellows 2013–2014

Faculty member Richard Maloney (MET’00), assistant professor and assistant director of arts administration, participated in a two-week residency at Goldsmiths College (University of London), in order to conduct research and present on the cultural revitalization efforts of two London suburbs. The resulting case studies will complement existing research on new economic development strategies aimed at reinvigorating municipal tax bases—in addition, the project served to strengthen the relationship between the arts administration programs at Boston University and Goldsmiths College.

Staff member Barbara Rotger (MET’11), administrative coordinator of the MLA in Gastronomy program, attended Digital Humanities 2013, the annual conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, as part of her efforts to expand on a scholarly resource project focused on recipe boxes and recipe scrapbooks she first began as a student in MET’s gastronomy program, and now continues as a staff member. The skills obtained at this conference have enabled her to create a permanent digital database to serve as a valuable resource for future graduate students. She plans to write a grant proposal for further research through the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Chadwick Fellows 2012–2013

Faculty member Rachel Black, assistant professor and coordinator of MET’s Gastronomy program, used her funds to attend the Urban Agriculture Summit in Toronto. The annual conference gathers educators, planners, social housing advocates, and government agencies, to discuss the latest trends in urban architecture.

Black took advantage of the opportunity to share news of the work being done at Boston University. The open exchange of experiences and ideas continue to inform her teaching and research activities.

Staff member Nancy Ahern, assistant director of MET’s Center for Professional Education, participated in a blended learning program at the Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning, which is sponsored by Penn State and The Sloan Consortium.

Ahern applies the skills and knowledge acquired through her studies toward programming for faculty development at MET’s Center for Professional Education. In keeping abreast of current trends in technology, she shares new educational techniques, technologies, and media with CPE faculty, mentoring them in the art of online instruction.

Chadwick Fellows 2011–2012

Faculty member Enrique R. Silva, PhD, assistant professor of city planning and urban affairs, was awarded a fellowship to support his project, “Connecting the Dots: Haiti and the Multiple Sites of Planning Research and Pedagogy.”

Having been engaged in planning and reconstruction efforts in Haiti since the catastrophic 2010 earthquake, Silva used his Chadwick funds as a bridge grant for travel to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as well as Miami and Washington, D.C, toward a larger grant proposal for long-term research and course development on post-disaster planning in Haiti.

Staff member Robert Haley, senior media producer for Distance Education, used his funds to create an “Online Student Video Series,” documenting the lives of four current online students. In separate video essays for each subject, Haley portrays how distance learners manage to balance their studies and their day-to-day responsibilities.

Haley’s project provides valuable feedback to course planners and instructors, about the demands and challenges faced by adult learners. Participants included the communications director for an Illinois state representative, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.; the musical director for Cirque de Soleil’s “O” show in Las Vegas, Nevada; an air traffic control officer in the United States Navy, in Norfolk, Virginia; and an IT instructor at a school of business and technology, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. You can watch these video essays below: