BA in Middle East & North Africa Studies

The interdisciplinary BA in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Studies offers BU undergraduates a coherent grounding in the history, cultures, artistic production, and one or more of the languages of the Middle East and North Africa region (which is defined for this purpose as comprising the Arabic-, Hebrew-, Persian-, and Turkish-speaking areas of the world). Requiring three years of language study as well as courses in both humanities and social sciences, this rigorous 11-course major is designed to prepare students for graduate study and for careers in government, international nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector by building marketable skills (cultural competence and real linguistic proficiency) as well as intellectual sophistication. The interdisciplinary program capitalizes on BU’s unusually strong existing offerings in four Middle Eastern languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish) and many aspects of Middle Eastern and North African culture and politics. The major is designed to be flexible, allowing advanced students to tailor their studies to their particular interests and learning goals, be they focused on a certain country in the region or a particular transnational issue.

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