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BU Faculty & Staff

Use the link below to request facility space for your non-academic event on 25Live, BU’s room scheduling system.
Recommended browsers: Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


SUMMER CONFERENCES:  Submit a request for meeting and/or housing.

25Live is BU’s room scheduling system. Here you will find information to help you get trained, get access, and start using 25Live to request space for your events. If you have questions about 25Live or you’d like to speak with us about a potential event before requesting a location, you can contact us at or 617-353-2932.

Request access to 25Live

Medical Campus departments looking to book CRC space; student organizations seeking to book over an SAO hold; or groups seeking to book in a building when it is closed may use the space request form.

To explore options for hosting a private event or external organization on campus please use the Host a private event form .

Training Materials
Training materials have been developed by the Office of the Registrar and Events & Conferences to assist you with using 25Live. All faculty and staff will need to complete the Blackboard Learn course, Event Scheduling in 25Live, in order to gain access to the system.

If you cannot see the course in your Blackboard account, please contact Andrew Vigue,

25Live Link
BU Blackboard
BU 25Live Project on YouTube

Additional material will be added in the future, so check back often as you use 25Live and have questions about the system.

Building Code List

Code Full Name Street Address Campus Region
BRB Biology Research Building 5 Cummington Mall Central Campus
CAS College of Arts & Sciences 685 – 725 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
CFA College of Fine Arts 855 Commonwealth Avenue West Campus
CGS College of General Studies 871 Commonwealth Avenue West Campus
COM College of Communication 640 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
EOP Center for English Language 890 Commonwealth Avenue West Campus
EPC Engineering Product Innovation Center 750 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
FLR Fuller Building 808 Commonwealth Avenue West Campus
GSU George Sherman Union 775 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
HAR Hariri Building (Questrom) 595 Commonwealth Avenue East Campus
HIL Hillel House 213 Bay State Road Central Campus
IEC International Education Center 888 Commonwealth Avenue West Campus
JSC Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies 147 Bay State Road East Campus
KCB Kenmore Classroom Building 565 Commonwealth Avenue East Campus
LAW School of Law 765 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
LSE Life Sciences & Engineering 24 Cummington Mall Central Campus
MCS Math & Computer Science Building 111 Cummington Mall Central Campus
MET Metropolitan College 755 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
MOR Morse Auditorium 602 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
MUG Mugar Library 771 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
OSW Trustee Center/Kenmore Room One Silber Way East Campus
PHO Photonics Center 8 Saint Mary’s Street Central Campus
PRB Physics Research Building 3 Cummington Mall Central Campus
PSY Psychology Building 64 – 86 Cummington Mall Central Campus
SAC Student Activities Center One University Road Central Campus
SAR Sargent College 635 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
SCI Metcalf Science Center 590 Commonwealth Avenue East Campus
SED School of Education Two Silber Way Central Campus
SHA School of Hospitality 928 Commonwealth Avenue West Campus
SOC Sociology Building 96 – 100 Cummington Mall Central Campus
STH School of Theology 745 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
STO Stone Science Center (connected to CAS) 675 Commonwealth Avenue Central Campus
StuVi1 Student Village 1 (10 Buick Street) 10 Buick Street West Campus
StuVi2 Student Village 2 (33 Harry Agganis Way) 33 Harry Agganis Way West Campus
YAW Yawkey Center for Student Services 100 Bay State Road East Campus

Setup and Takedown Chart
Use this as a guide to approximate times. We will add the appropriate amount of time after you submit your request. Remember the facility you request must be available for the full setup and takedown. Contact us with questions at or 617-353-2932. (Note: Event requests will be cancelled if there isn’t sufficient setup and/or takedown time.)

25Live Location Name Location Also Known As Setup Time Takedown Time
FLR 130 808 Events Facility / 808 Gallery 4 hours 2 hours
GSU Academy Room 2 hours 2 hours
GSU Alley* 2 hours 2 hours
GSU AUD GSU Conference Auditorium 1 hour 1 hour
GSU Backcourt 2 hours 2 hours
GSU Metcalf Hall 4-5 hours 2 hours
GSU Terrace Lounge 2 hours 2 hours
OSW 916 Kenmore Room 2 hours 2 hours
OSW 922 Trustee Center 3 hours 2 hours
PHO 906 PHO Colloquium Room 3 hours 2 hours
StuVi1 1801 10 Buick Street, 18th Floor 3 hours 2 hours
StuVi2 2603 33 Agganis Way, 26th Floor 3 hours 2 hours

*Times noted only for events that require a setup; rehearsals do not include setup or takedown time.

Download the Fenway Campus Room Transition Guide.