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BU Faculty & Staff

Use the link below to request facility space for your non-academic event on 25Live Pro, BU’s room scheduling system.
Recommended browsers: Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

25Live Pro

SUMMER CONFERENCES:  Submit a request for meeting and/or housing.

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR SPRING SEMESTER 2021: Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all events, meetings, and gatherings will need to follow the Guiding Principles for On-Campus Events and submit an Event Checklist before your space request can be confirmed. Please review carefully to ensure you will be able to follow all guidelines prior to submitting your space request.

25Live Pro is BU’s room scheduling system. Here you will find information to help you get trained, get access, and start using 25Live to request space for your events. If you have questions about 25Live or you'd like to speak with us about a potential event before requesting a location, you can contact us at or 617-353-2932.

BU Faculty and Staff steps to gain access to 25Live:

1. Watch the two training videos on this page.
2. Once the videos have been watched, please log-in to 25Live Pro to create a user record and then log out by closing your web browser.
3. Fill out the "Request Access to 25Live" form at the bottom of this page.
4. Your request will be confirmed within 5 business days.

Student Organizations looking to book space must have their authorized representative place a request in 25Live. When a new authorized representative is designated, they will receive training and instructions from Events & Conferences.

Medical Campus departments looking to book CRC space; student organizations seeking to book over an SAO hold; or groups seeking to book in a building when it is closed may use the space request form.

To explore options for hosting an external (non-BU) organization or a private event on campus please contact us at

Training Materials
Training materials have been developed by the Office of the Registrar and Events & Conferences to assist you with using 25Live.

Browse a selection of short training videos on specific 25Live topics on our MyMedia 25Live Channel. You’ll find videos to learn how to search for locations, create repeating events, copy events, view location details, create event relationships, and much more.

BU's 25Live Project on YouTube
BU 25Live Quick Guides and Video Tutorials

Navigating Through 25Live
Using the Top Navigation Bar
Using and Customizing Your Home Dashboard
Using Favorites and Starred Items
Browsing Personal Views

Creating Events
Creating Repeating Events
Adding Setup, Pre-Event, Post-Event, and Takedown Times to Events
Viewing Event Details
Copying Events
Copying Related Events
Creating Event Relationships
Removing Event Relationships
Emailing Event Details
Understanding your 25Live Confirmation
Understanding your 25Live Invoice

Searching & Reference
Searching for Events, Locations, and Organizations
Viewing Contact Details
Viewing Location Details
Viewing Organization Details