Policies and Responsibilities

Ensuring a perfect event means knowing exactly what to expect. University departments and student organizations requesting and using space on campus are subject to the following policies and responsibilities.

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Policies and Responsibilities for University Facility Usage


1. Reservations & Sales schedules non-academic function space for: (a) student organizations registered and in good standing with the Student Activities Office and groups sponsored by student organizations as approved by the Student Activities Office; (b) University departments, University-affiliated departments, and other bona fide organizations which are sponsored by University departments.

2. At the University’s discretion, faculty/staff and non-University organizations may contract with the University the use of space for private functions. Events & Conferences, 617-353-2932 or roomres@bu.edu, should be contacted to discuss date availability, fees, and other contractual obligations. Departmental resources cannot be used for private functions.

3. Requests for facilities should be made with Reservations & Sales as far in advance as possible. A confirmation of the facility reservation will be sent to the requestor once the facility is booked.

4. The confirmed reservation form is a space guarantee only. If it becomes necessary to relocate a function to provide for maximum use of University facilities, all interested parties shall be notified as far in advance as possible.

5. In case of a conflict for University facilities, facilities shall be scheduled in the following order of priority: (a) Boston University scheduled classes; (b) official Boston University functions of highest institutional significance such as commencement, convocations, dedications, athletic events, admissions events for prospective students, registration, orientation; (c) groups with legally binding contracts (d) functions sponsored by student organizations registered with or approved by the Student Activities Office; (e) functions sponsored by University departments.

6. The University reserves the right to reject requests for the use of its facilities.


1. Reservations & Sales only books space at Boston University. It is the responsibility of the scheduling group/department to contact all University service departments, e.g., Facilities Management, Catering, Learning & Event Technology Services, Parking, Sourcing, BU Police, etc., to arrange for those services to be provided for a particular function. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring group/department to submit all required ISRs/FSRs and/or other paperwork to the appropriate service provider and to pay for all charges incurred.

2. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS SHOULD CONTACT THE STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICE TO ARRANGE FOR ALL SERVICES NEEDED AT A STUDENT FUNCTION. No student organization should contact a University service department directly. An event registration must be submitted through OrgSync at least two weeks prior to the function date.

3. Any function can be subject to Facilities Management charges for room set-up, cleaning, and/or function coverage. It is the responsibility of the scheduling group/department to discuss these charges with the Facilities Management area manager, including overtime for a function held outside of established facility hours of operation. Reservations & Sales can provide the established operational hours and the name of the area manager for the facility booked, or Facilities Management & Planning can be contacted at 617-353-2109.

4. Any scheduling group/department using a University facility is responsible for leaving the room in a neat and orderly state. This requirement shall be strictly enforced. Departments or groups leaving a room in a disorderly or unclean state may be liable for a premium service charge for cleaning and resetting the room, in addition to the normal applicable charges.

5. It is the policy of Boston University to limit attendance of functions on campus to students, faculty/staff, and alumni holding valid identification cards. In most cases, individually escorted guests of students, faculty/staff, and alumni are welcome as are those with appropriate tickets and/or written invitations. The general public may be admitted to events which are recorded with Reservations & Sales by the scheduling group/department as "open to the public."

6. When a function is open to the public, involves more than 150 people, or an admission fee is charged, the assignment of Boston University Police may be required. The Chief of Boston University Police or his designee shall have the sole responsibility to determine the appropriate assignment of police for the function. The group reserving the facility shall pay for such police in accordance with the schedule of fees.

7. The scheduling group/department holding the reservation shall be responsible for the conduct of any person attending the function, including any damage cause by such person, and the University reserves the right to eject or cause to be ejected from the facilities any objectionable person.

8. Any University group/department sponsoring an outside company or organization assumes ALL responsibility for that outside company or organization, including contact to University service departments, submission of required ISRs/FSRs and paperwork, and all charges incurred. A representative of the sponsoring group/department must be present at all planning meetings or site visits involving the outside company/organization and any University department. A representative of the sponsoring group/department must be present throughout the duration of the actual function.

9. Food and/or beverages served in University facilities must be purchased through Catering on the Charles, 617-353-2957. It is a University policy that NO FOOD OR LIQUOR may be removed from the facility where a function is being held. The state law of Massachusetts provides that “no alcoholic beverages may be sold, delivered, or given in any way to a person under twenty-one years of age.” The Catering department may require an additional room or area for preparation and/or service; arrangements for these areas must be made by notifying Reservations & Sales. Food and beverages are not permitted in any classroom.

10. The scheduling group/department shall give Reservations & Sales notice of changes to and/or cancellation of facilities reservations at least 5 business days prior to the function date. For cancellation of facilities reservations for which a facility usage fee is charged, that fee is non-refundable. Failure to comply with the change/cancellation deadline may jeopardize the group’s privilege to book University facilities in the future. In addition, the scheduling group/department must notify any University departments providing services to the function of the said space changes or cancellation. There may be an assessment of service charges in accordance with the service department's schedule of fees for any cancellation.

11. The University does not discriminate against race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, or handicap of any kind, in the admission to and enjoyment of advantages or privileges offered in the rental/use of its facilities. No person(s) or organization(s) sponsoring a function may so discriminate.

12. The individual listed as “contact person” for the reservation assumes complete responsibility for compliance with these Policies and Responsibilities.

13. Failure to comply with these Polices and Responsibilities and other pertinent University policies may result in cancellation of the event or the privilege to use University facilities.

Updated July 2015