Facilities Specifications


Due to the current situation with COVID-19, current State and City regulations require 1,000 square feet of accessible space for every 8 attendees, up to the current maximum number of attendees. The maximum number of attendees is 25 at an indoor event and 50 at an outdoor event. For a 25 person event, the room must be at least 3,125 square feet. For a 50 person outdoor event, the area must be at least 6,250 square feet. Capacity for events, meetings, and gatherings is limited more strictly than the capacity for academic use (LfA classrooms).

All meetings, events, and gatherings in locations used as classrooms must use the set-up of the room as is; links to diagrams are included below. Classroom furniture should not be moved within the room to create a different room set-up, nor can it be moved out of the room (regardless of whether there is more furniture than needed).

Dahod Family Alumni Center n/a n/a Not available for events in fall 2020
Metcalf Trustee Center
    Trustee Ballroom (OSW 922) 3,492ft 25 54 Diagram
    Trustee Lounge (OSW 921) 1,688ft 14 25 Diagram
    Kenmore Room (OSW 916) 1,021ft 8 22 Diagram
George Sherman Union
    Metcalf Hall Grand Ballroom (GSU 219) 11,939ft 25 n/a See links below for Large & Small Ballroom
    Metcalf Hall Large Ballroom (GSU 219B) 7,623ft 25 161 Diagram
    Metcalf Hall Small Ballroom (GSU 219A) 4,316ft 25 93 Diagram
    Ziskind Lounge (GSU 240) 6,092ft 25 64 Diagram
    Terrace Lounge (GSU 239) 1,436ft 11 22 Diagram
    East Balcony 2,300ft 18 49 Diagram
    Conference Auditorium (GSU AUD) 2,067ft 16 39 Diagram
    Alley (GSU B03A) 3,579ft 25 82 Diagram
    Academy Room (GSU 124) 841ft 7 18 Diagram
Photonics Colloquium Room (PHO 906) 2,570ft 21 36 Diagram
Tsai Performance Center 5,900ft 25 76 Diagram
Fenway Campus
    43 Hawes St. Living Room (HAW 223 & 224) 1,440ft 12 N/A -
    43 Hawes St. Ladd Room (HAW 202) 1,919ft 15 49 Diagram
    43 Hawes St. Hewitt Boardroom (HAW 301) 1,311ft 10 16 Diagram
Outdoor Spaces (CRC)
    Alpert Mall/BU Beach ~6,250ft 50 N/A -
    COM Lawn ~3,750ft 30 N/A -
    Towers Lawn ~3,000ft 24 N/A -