Microfluidic Biotechnology Laboratory

Professor Sharon, Professor Sauer-Budge (BME)

This research group focuses on the integration of microfluidic methodologies, high precision micromachining manufacturing techniques and nanotechnology to address unmet needs in sample preparation, cell and tissue culture, clinical diagnostics, and medical devices.

Current research projects include design and development of optical biopsy forceps for early detection of gastrointestinal cancer, integrated lab-on-a-chip molecular diagnostics for pathogen detection from physiological samples, isolation of pathogens from blood for integration with novel surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy that enables strain specificity, novel methods for rapid antibiotic susceptibility detection within minutes, development of rapid nucleic acid isolation for high throughput applications, in vitro blood production, and miniaturized biomimetic neuro-electric interfaces.

The laboratories include a fully functioning biosafety level two space for bacterial and yeast cell culture, microscopes, DNA microarray synthesizer, ultraprecision milling machine, multi-axis multi-tool milling station, rapid prototyping machine, and our own custom machinery for microfluidic lab-on-a-chip diagnostics.