Production Control of Manufacturing Systems (PCMS)

Professors Caramanis, Paschalidis and Cassandras in the PCMS lab

Professors CaramanisPerkins, and Vakili

The PCMS Laboratory is dedicated to research on the control and design of manufacturing systems. Algorithmic development for dynamic scheduling, stability and performance evaluation, design, and planning of production systems is a major research activity.

Development of a framework that facilitates concurrent manufacturing through cooperation of independent decision-making entities in a manufacturing facility is an equally important research goal of the PCMS Laboratory. This effort includes theoretical research on complex system decomposition and coordination, as well as applied work on software architectures and interfaces.

Decision-making and analysis activities of interest range from material requirements and capacity planning, to performance evaluation, scheduling, and shop floor tracking. Systems engineering and control theory are relied upon to leverage classical operations research techniques and to provide flexible real-time decision-making capabilities required in a modern manufacturing environment.

Resources include a mixed platform of PCs and workstations available in the laboratory, as well as campuswide computational facilities. The PCMS Laboratory is the home of graduate students primarily, but not exclusively, at the doctoral level and has established collaborative projects with a number of industrial sites.