Orthopaedic and Developmental Biomechanics

Professor Morgan and a graduate student conduct an experiment

Professor Morgan
Lab Link: www.bu.edu/odbl

This research group uses experimental and computational methods to explore the relationships between structure and mechanical function of biological tissues at multiple length scales.

Current research projects include quantification of physiological loading conditions, 3-D visualization and prediction of spine fractures, and the effects of mechanical stimulation on joint and articular cartilage development.

The laboratory houses a biaxial (axial-torsional) servohydraulic materials testing system with a variety of extensometers and load cells, a miniature torsional testing system, two micro-computed tomography systems, a multi-channel signal conditional and amplification system, an X-ray cabinet, and various cutting tools including a sledge microtome and low-speed wafering saw.

Additional space is dedicated to cell and tissue culture. Computational facilities include PC workstations equipped with software for image processing, finite element analysis, and general computing.