Nonlinear and Biomedical Acoustics

photo of laboratory equipment

Professors Cleveland, Holt, Roy and Porter
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This laboratory is equipped for wet and dry experiments supporting a broad spectrum of ultrasound research, including nonlinear acoustics, bubble-related physical and underwater acoustics, therapeutic ultrasound, acoustic cavitation, and transduction.

There are two fully instrumented ultrasonic scan tanks with computer-controlled positioners. One is for research into high-intensity-focused ultrasound for surgery and the other contains a peizo-electric array with 170 elements capable of generating intense shock waves for research in lithotripsy.

The lab has a scanning acoustic microscope (SAM) which can employ ultrasound pulses with frequencies up to 150 MHz for imaging samples. The lab is well stocked with general-purpose test and measurement equipment such as function generators, multimeters, power amplifiers, preamps, analog and digital oscilloscopes. The lab is equipped with a full-size fume hood, a water purification system, and various instruments for fluid and biomaterial control, processing, and measurement.