Laser Acoustics / Photoacoustic and Photothermal Microscopy

photo of laboratory equipment

Professor Murray

These facilities are devoted to materials characterization using various laser-based inspection techniques including: laser-based ultrasonics, photothermal imaging, and acousto-optic imaging.

The research group is developing approaches to excite and detect acoustic and thermal waves over micro- and nanometer-length scales. In addition, they study elastic wave propagation in a wide variety of materials systems including thin films and membranes, functionally graded materials, and biological tissue.

Finally, optical techniques for exciting and detecting resonant vibrations in nano-mechanical structures are explored with applications including ultrasensitive biological and chemical sensors. The lab is rigged for a variety of optical and laser-based experiments and possesses a broad array of optical, acoustical, and vibrational instrumentation including several interferometers, optical fiber amplifiers, high-speed photodetectors and oscilloscopes, and pulsed laser sources.