Aerospace Concentration

Aerospace engineering (AE) is a discipline in which principles of physics are applied to solve problems in design and construction of aircraft and spacecraft.  The complexity of the problem often mandates that design teams consist of engineers specializing in different branches of science.  This breadth is reflected in the curriculum, which includes elements of fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, controls, materials, engineering mechanics, and propulsion.  

The eclectic portfolio of the ME department at BU provides AE students with exposure to a broad range of engineering activities in the classroom and in the laboratory. The common core curriculum in engineering has students learn basic principles in science, mathematics, and the engineering sciences.  With this core curriculum as a foundation, technical depth and focus are established through electives and a design thread that carries through the sophomore, junior, and senior years.  The curriculum culminates in the senior “capstone” design project in which teams of students tackle difficult multi-faceted design projects, often stemming form the needs of faculty research or industry partners.

Enrichment opportunities including undergraduate research, coop programs, and internships abound within the department.  The majority of our faculty actively mentor undergraduates on cutting edge research projects in the laboratory, and the Career Development Office links students with opportunities in engineering industries.

Our students leave Boston University boasting a balance of fundamental knowledge and specialized training.  Graduates go on to successful careers in aircraft design, engine design, avionics, aircraft and spacecraft materials, aerodynamics, actuators, air and spacecraft safety systems, structural analysis, vibrations analysis and control, and quality control and assurance, to name but a few.

Starting in the fall of 2009 the College will no longer enroll new students in the AE bachelor of science degree program. Rather, incoming students interested in AE will enroll in the ME degree program and will have the option of adding a concentration in AE. These students will receive the best of both worlds:  an accredited degree in one of the broadest and most marketable degree programs in engineering (ME) combined with specialized training in AE. Students already enrolled in the AE bachelor’s degree program prior to the fall of 2009 will be able to complete their program.