Career Experiences


Students can take part in research through several avenues:

  • UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) is a university-wide program to which students can apply.  The program provides students a stipend to work with a faculty member on research.
  • STARS (Summer Term Alumni Research Scholars) is a college-wide program to which students can apply.  It provides housing during the summer to support students who will stay to perform research with faculty.
  • A student can be directly hired by a faculty member to work on a project.
  • REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates) are programs run at multiple institutions through grants from the National Science Foundation.  They are 10 week summer programs providing housing and stipend for students who work on a research project associated with the REU.  While BU does house some REU programs, students often seek out other REU opportunities at different institutions.
  • Students can volunteer to perform research with a faculty member.

Internships and Co-ops

Students are encouraged to consider pursuing a Co-op or internship during their undergraduate program.  Students acquire industrial contacts through job fairs held every semester, from other students, from faculty, from alumni, and from the College of Engineering’s Career Development Office (CDO).  Internships are usually 10-12 weeks summer positions.  Co-ops require students to plan their curriculum so that they can work in industry for a summer and adjacent semester.

Upon graduation…the statistics

The CDO tracks stastics on our graduating seniors.  For the past several years, on average

40% of our graduates have found job placements or have taken military appointments

16% of our students have pursued graduate* and professional degrees

68% have found a job placement** immediately upon graduation

* Graduate schools have included: Cal Tech, Columbia, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, UCLA

** Companies include:  BAE Systems, Boston Scientific, Fujitsu Microsolutions, Genzyme,IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Putnam Investments, Raytheon, Teradyne, the MITRE Corporation