Peter A. Zink, Ph.D.

Zink, Peter-fLecturer and Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Boston University

phone: (617) 358-1631
office: 730 Commonwealth Avenue, EMA 202D

Research Interests

Electrochemical sensors * Ceramics materials synthesis * Energy storage and conversion * Fuel cells.

Professor Zink’s research interests include materials characterization and development for various electrochemical applications, including mixed metal/oxide recycling, and sustainable energy storage and conversion. In the past, he has worked on the development of novel solid oxide fuel cell cathodes. More recently, his research is focused on the materials science and engineering of potentiometric and amperometric sensors for use in the nuclear waste recycling industry and for sensing micronutrients in soils for agricultural applications. Before working at BU, he was a post-doctoral research associate at Idaho National Laboratory.

Recent Publications
  • Xiaofei Guan, Peter Zink, Uday Pal, “Magnesium Recycling of Partially Oxidized, Mixed Magnesium-Aluminum Scrap through Combined Electrorening and Solid Oxide Membrane (SOM) Electrolysis Processes”, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, pp.1-11 (2013)
  • Y. Jiang, P.A. Zink, U.B. Pal, “Solid Oxide Membrane Process for the Reduction of Uranium Oxide Surrogate in Spent Nuclear Fuel”, ECS Transactions , vol. 41, no. 33, pp. 171-180, (2012)
  • X. Guan, P.A Zink, U.B. Pal, “Magnesium Recycling of Partially Oxidized, Mixed Magnesium- Aluminum Scrap Through Combined Rening and Solid Oxide Membrane (SOM) Electrolysis Processes,” in Suveen Mathaudhu, Wim Sillekens, Norbert Hort, Neale Neelameggham, eds., Magnesium Technology  2012, TMS, 2012, pp. 531-536
  • X. Guan, P.A. Zink, U.B. Pal, and A.C. Powell “Magnesium Recycling of Partially Oxidized, Mixed Magnesium-Aluminum Scrap through Combined Rening and Solid Oxide Membrane Electrolysis Processes,” ECS Transactions, vol. 41, no. 31, pp. 91-101, (2012).
  • Romain Haboury, Uday Pal, Peter Zink, Srikanth Gopalan, and Soumendra Basu, \Study of an Energy Storage and Recovery Concept based on the W/WO3 Redox Reaction: Part I. Kinetic Study and Modeling of the WO3 Reduction Process for Energy Storage”, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B  (Submitted September 2011)
  • Peter A. Zink, Jan-Fong Jue, Brenda E. Serrano, Guy L. Fredrickson, Ben F. Cowan, Steven D. Herrmann, Shelly X. Li, \Potentiometric Sensor for Real-Time Monitoring of Multivalent Ion Concentrations in Molten Salt”, INMM 51st Annual Proceedings  (2010)