Mac Schwager, Ph.D.

Mac Schwager-pAssistant Professor

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

phone: (617) 353-3414
office: 110 Cummington Mall, ENG 303

lab: Multi-robot Systems Laboratory, ERB B14

Research Interests

Distributed controllers for the deployment of mobile sensor networks * Inferring dynamical models of biological group phenomena from data * Aggressive multi-robot control over multi-hop networks with time delays * Persistent monitoring and persistent environmental sampling with robots

Professor Schwager’s research is in the area of multi-robot systems. He studies group behaviors in robots and animals using tools from control theory, optimization, and statistical inference. Professor Schwager finished his PhD at MIT in 2009 working with Daniela Rus in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).

Selected Publications
  • P. Dames, D. Thakur, M. Schwager, and V. Kumar. “Playng fetch with your robot,” IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, 2013. In Press.
  • D. E. Soltero, M. Schwager, and D. Rus. “Decentralized path planning for coverage tasks using gradient descent adaptive control,” International Journal of Robotics Research, 33(3):401–425, March 2014.
  • B. J. Julian, M. Angermann, M. Schwager, and D. Rus. “Distributed robotic sensor networks: An information-theoretic approach,” International Journal of Robotics Research, 31(10):1134–1154, September 2012.
  • S. L. Smith, M. Schwager, and D. Rus. “Persistent robotic tasks: Monitoring and sweeping in changing environments,” IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 28(2):410–426, April 2012.
  • M. Schwager, B. Julian, M. Angermann and D. Rus, “Eyes in the Sky: Decentralized Control for the Deployment of Robotic Camera Networks,” Proceedings of the IEEE, September, 2011, vol. 99, no. 9, pp. 1541-1561.
  • R. N. Smith, M. Schwager, S. L. Smith, B. H. Jones, D. Rus and G. S. Sukhatme, “Persistent Ocean Monitoring with Underwater Gliders: Adapting Sampling Resolution,” Journal of Field Robotics, September-October, 2011, vol. 28, no. 5, pp. 714-741.
  • M. Schwager, D. Rus and J. J. Slotine, “Unifying Geometric, Probabilistic, and Potential Field Approaches to Multi-Robot Deployment,” International Journal of Robotics Research, March, 2011, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 371-383.
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