Emily Ryan, Ph.D.

EmilyRyan-highresedited for siteAssistant Professor

Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

phone: (617) 353-7767
email: ryanem@bu.edu
office: 110 Cummington Mall, ENG 416

website: bu.edu/cel

Research Interests

Heat transfer * Thermodynamics * Fluid mechanics * Reactive transport * Fuel cells * Electrochemistry * Energy systems * Competitive adsorption * Pore-scale phenomena * Porous media * Computational and multi-scale modeling * Engineering educational outreach

Professor Ryan conducts research in the area of computational modeling of energy systems. Computational modeling investigates the physical phenomena of a system using a mathematical model to describe the complex governing equations of the system. Computational modeling can be used to investigate the design, operation and degradation of complex systems.

Professor Ryan’s research focuses on developing computational models of the reactive transport, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and electrochemistry in energy systems. With increasing energy costs and increasing concerns about the impact of society on the environment, cleaner, more efficient energy systems are needed. Professor Ryan’s research focuses on developing advanced computational models to study energy technologies, such as fuel cells and batteries. A primary area of research for Professor Ryan involves reactive transport in porous media which is central to many energy-related technologies such as fuel cells, battery technologies and subsurface transport. Her recent work has focused on investigating degradation in high temperature fuel cells, the operation of advanced battery technologies, and the design and operation of post-combustion carbon capture technologies.


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