Tyrone Porter, Ph.D.

Photo of Tyrone Porter

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Washington

phone: (617) 353-7366
email: tmp@bu.edu
office: 110 Cummington Mall, ENG 319

website: www.bu.edu/medal

Research Interests

Integration of ultrasound technologies with chemical and biomolecular engineered vesicles for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Professor Porter’s overall goal of his research program is to push the application of ultrasound technology in new and exciting directions. Applications could include using ultrasound technology to test the growth of cancer and drug delivery through microscopic carriers.

Profesor Porter’s lab is working on new ultrasound technologies and novel chemical formulations for assessing tissue perfusion, targeted contrast enhancement of diseases in ultrasound images, and improving the uptake and activity of drugs while reducing adverse side effects.

Selected Publications
  • Gong Y, Cabodi M, Porter TM. Acoustic investigation of pressure-dependent resonance and shell elasticity of lipid-coated monodisperse microbubbles, Applied Physics Letters (2014), vol. 104, 074103.
  • Ta T, Porter TM. Thermosensitive liposomes for localized delivery and triggered release of chemotherapy. Journal of Controlled Release (2013) Vol. 169, 112-125.
  • Kopechek JA, Park EJ, McDannold NJ, Porter TM. Accumulation of phase-shift nanoemulsions to enhance MR-guided ultrasound-mediated ablation in vivo. Journal of Healthcare Engineering (2013) Vol 4, No. 1, 109-126.
  • Zhang P, Kopechek JA, Porter TM. The impact of vaporized nanoemulsions on ultrasound-mediated ablation. Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound (2013) Vol. 1, 1-12.
  • Yohe ST, Kopechek JA, Porter TM, Colson TL, Grinstaff MW. Triggered drug release from 3D superhydrophobic meshes using high intensity focused ultrasound. Advanced Healthcare Materials (2013) Vol. 2, Issue 9, 1204-1208.
  • Kopechek JA, Zhang P, Burgess MT, Porter TM. Synthesis of phase-shift nanoemulsions with narrow size distribution for acoustic droplet vaporization and bubbleenhanced ultrasound-mediated ablation. Journal of Visualized Experiments (67), e4308, DOI:10.3791/4308 (2012).
  • Heslinga MJ, Porter TM, Eniola-Adefeso O. Design of nanovectors for therapy and imaging of cardiovascular diseases. Methodist DeBakey Cardiovascular Journal (2012) Vol. 3, No. 1, 12-17.
  • Meunier JM, Holland CK, Porter TM, Lindsell CJ, Shaw GJ. Combination treatment with rt-PA is more effective than rt-PA alone in an in vitro human clot model. Current Neurovascular Research (2011), 8, 305-312.
  • Kopechek JA, Haworth KJ, Raymond JL, Perrin SR, Klegerman ME, Huang S, Porter TM, Mast TD, McPherson DD, Holland CK. Acoustic characterization of echogenic liposomes: frequency-dependent attenuation and backscatter. J Acoust Soc Am (2011), 130(5), 3472-3481.
  • Gong Y, Cabodi M, Porter TM. Relationship between size and frequency-dependent attenuation of monodisperse populations of lipid-coated microbubbles, Bubble Science, Engineering, and Technology ), Vol. 2, No. 2, 41-47, 2010.
  • Zhang P, Porter T. An in vitro study of a phase-shift nanoemulsion: a potential nucleation agent for bubble-enhanced HIFU tumor ablation, Ultrasound Med Biol, Vol 36, No. 11, 1856-1866, 2010.
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