Xi Lin, Ph.D.

Photo of Xi Lin

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

phone: (617) 358-3417
email: linx@bu.edu
website: oned.bu.edu
office: 730 Commonwealth Avenue, ENA 207

Research Interests

Materials theory * Predictive simulation of materials electronic, optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties

Selected Publications
  • Botelho AL, Shin YW, Li MH, Jiang LL, and Lin X, “Unified Hamiltonian for conducting polymers,”
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23: Act. No. 455501, 21 Oct 2011.
  • Shin YW, Li MH, Botelho AL, and Lin X, “Escape mechanism of a self-trapped topological soliton,”
    Physical Review B 82: Act. No. 193101, 17 Nov 2010.
  • Li MH and Lin X, “Adapted Su-Schrieffer-Heeger Hamiltonian for polypyrrole,”
    Physical Review B 82: Act. No. 155141, 26 Oct 2010.
  • Li MH and Lin X, “Twin distortions of the Peierls instability,”
    Physical Review B 81: Act. No. 153102, 8 Apr 2010.
  • Lau TT, Lin X, Yip S, and Van Vliet KJ,  ”Atomistic examination of the unit processes and vacancy-dislocation interaction in dislocation climb,”  Scripta Materialia, 60, 399-402, 2009.
  • Lau TT, Först CJ, Lin X, Gale JD, Yip S, and Van Kliet KJ, “Many-body potential for point defect clusters in Fe-C alloys,”  Physical Review Letters, 98 (21), 215501, 2007.
  • Silva E, Först CJ, Li J, Lin X, Zhu T, and Yip S, “Multiscale materials modeling: Case studies at the atomistic and electronic structure levels,”  Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis (special volume on Computational Quantum Chemistry), 41 (2): 427-445, 2007.
  • Qian X, Li J, Lin X, and Yip S, “Time-dependent density functional theory with ultrasoft psuedopotentials: real-time electron propogation across molecular Junction,”  Physical Review B, 73 (3): 035408, 2006.
  • Lin X, Li J, and Yip S, “Controlling bending and twisting of conjugated polymers via solitons,”  Physical Review Letters, 95 (19): 198303, 2005.
  • Lin X, Li J, Smela E, and Yip S, “Polaron-induced conformation change in single polypyrrole chain: an intrinsic actuation mechanism,”  International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (Special Issue: Dedicated to the Memory of John A. Pople), 102 (5): 980-985,