Xi Lin, Ph.D.

Photo of Xi Lin

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

phone: (617) 358-3417
email: linx@bu.edu
website: oned.bu.edu
office: 730 Commonwealth Avenue, ENA 207

Research Interests

Materials theory * Predictive simulation of materials electronic, optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties

Selected Publications
  • Yang Y, Luo H, Cetin D, Lin X, Ludwig K, Basu S, Pal U, and Gopalan S, “Effects of carbon dioxide on the cathodic performance of solid oxide fuel cells,” Ionic and Mixed Conducting Ceramics,  9: (in print) 2014
  • Botelho AL, Shin YW, Liu JK, and Lin X, “Structure and optical bandgap relationship of π-conjugated systems,” PLoS One , 9: e86370, 2014
  • Cao PH, Park HS, and Lin X, “Strain-rate and temperature-driven transition in the shear transformation zone for two-dimensional amorphous solids,” Physical Review E , 88: 024404, 2013
  • Shin YW and Lin X, “Modeling photoinduced charge transfer across π-conjugated heterojunctions,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 117: 12432-12437, 2013
  • Du P, Lin X, and Zhang X, “Tunable electrical and mechanical responses of PDMS and polypyrrole nanowire composites,” Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics  46: 195303, 2013
  • Cao PH, Li MH, Heugle RJ, Park H, and Lin X, “Self-learning metabasin escape algorithm for supercooled liquids,” Physical Review E  86: 016710, 2012
  • Botelho AL, Shin YW, Li MH, Jiang LL, and Lin X, “Unified Hamiltonian for conducting polymers,” Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23: Act. No. 455501, 21 Oct 2011.