Michael Howe, Ph.D.

Photo of Michael Howe


Ph.D., Imperial College (England)

phone: (617) 353-5869

email: mshowe@bu.edu
office: 730 Commonwealth Avenue, EMA 218

Research Interests

Fluid mechanics * Acoustics * Structural vibrations

Dr. Howe’s research is in the general area of fluid mechanics, acoustics, random vibration and structural mechanics. He has published 200+ refereed journal articles on these and related subjects.

ME 566: Advanced Engineering Math

His books include:

Acoustics of Fluid-Structure Interactions (1998, 2008)
For more information see www.cambridge.org/9780521054287

Theory of Vortex Sound (2003)
For more information see www.cambridge.org/9780521012232

Hydrodynamics and Sound (2007)
For more information see www.cambridge.org/9780521868624

Mathematical Methods for Mechanical Sciences (2003) pdf

Current Research Projects:

1. Pressure transients generated by high speed trains

2. Fluid Mechanics of Speech

3. Hydroacoustics of supercavitating bodies

4. Combustion noise

Selected Publications
  • A. W. Foley, M. S. Howe and T. A. Brungart. Spectrum of the sound
    produced by a jet impinging on the gas-water interface of a
    supercavity. Journal of Sound and Vibration 2010, 329, 415 – 424.
  • M. S. Howe and R. S. McGowan. On the generalised Fant equation. Journal
    of Sound and Vibration 2011, 330, 3123 – 3140.
  • M. S. Howe. Indirect combustion noise. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2010,
    669, 267 – 288.
  • M. S. Howe and R. S. McGowan. Production of sound by unsteady throttling
    of flow into a resonant cavity, with application to voiced speech.
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2011, 672, 428-450.
  • M. S. Howe and R. S. McGowan.  Analysis of flow-structure coupling in a
    mechanical model of the vocal folds and the subglottal system.
    Journal of Fluids and Structures 2009, 25, 1299 – 1317.
  • M. S. Howe, A. M. Colgan and T. A. Brungart. On self noise at the nose
    of a supercavitating vehicle. Journal of Sound and Vibration 2009,
    322, 772 – 784.
  • S. A. Ho, A. R. Salton and M. S. Howe. Low frequency sound produced by a
    ventilated supercaviting vehicle. Journal of Sound and Vibration
    2011, 330, 1634 – 1643.
  • M. S. Howe and N. A. A. Hagen. On the impact noise of a drop falling on
    water  Journal of Sound and Vibration 2011, 330, 625 – 635.