Harold Park, PhD

park-haroldAssociate Professor

Ph.D., Northwestern University

phone: (617) 353-4208
email: parkhs@bu.edu
web: http://people.bu.edu/parkhs/
office: 730 Commonwealth, EMA 212

Research Interests

Computational Nanomechanics * Mechanics of two-dimensional nanostructures * Mechanics of soft, active materials * Long timescale atomistic modeling for proteins and amorphous solids * Coupled physics (electro and opto-mechanical) nanoscale phenomena

Harold Park is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University. His research focuses on developing and applying new computational techniques for problems involving phenomena ranging from nano to macroscales. He is the recipient of a 2007 NSF CAREER award, a 2008 DARPA Young Faculty Award, the 2009 Gallagher Young Investigator Award from the US Association for Computational Mechanics, and the 2012 ASME Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Award in Mechanics of Materials.

Selected Publications
  • D. Midtvedt,A. Croy, A. Isacsson, Z.N. Qi and H.S. Park.  “Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Physics With Nanomechanical Graphene Resonators:  Intrinsic Relaxation and Thermalization From Flexural Mode Coupling”, Physical Review Letters 2014; 112:145503.
  • J-H Seo, H.S. Park, Y. Yoo, T-Y Seong, J. Li, J-P Ahn,  B. Kimand I-S Choi. “Origin of Size-Dependency in Coherent-Twin-Propagation Mediated Tensile Deformation of Noble Metal Nanowires”, Nano Letters 2013; 13:5112-5116.
  • P. Cao, H.S. Park and X. Lin.  “Strain-Rate and Temperature-Driven Transition in the Shear Transformation Zone for 2D Amorphous Solids”, Physical Review E 2013; 88:042404.
  • J-W Jiang, A. M. Leach, K. Gall, H.S. Park and T. Rabczuk.  “A Surface Stacking Fault Energy Approach to Predicting Defect Nucleation in Surface-Dominated Nanostructures”, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 2013; 61:1915-1934.
  • Z.N. Qi, D.A. Bahamon, V.M. Pereira, H.S. Park, D.K. Campbell and A.H. Castro Neto, “Resonant Tunneling in Graphene Pseudomagnetic Quantum Dots”, Nano Letters 2013; 13:2692-2697.
  • A.L. Kitt,Z.N. Qi, S. Remi, H.S. Park, A.K. Swan and B.B. Goldberg.  “How Graphene Slides:  Measurement and Theory of Frictional Forces Between Graphene and SiO2”, Nano Letters 2013; 13:2605-2610.
  • S. Dai and H.S.  Park.  “Surface Effects on the Piezoelectricity of ZnO Nanowires”,  Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 2013; 61:385-397.
  • H.S. Park and T.D. Nguyen.  “Viscoelastic Effects on Electromechanical Instabilities in Dielectric Elastomers”, Soft Matter 2013; 9:1031-1042.
  • X. Ben and H.S. Park. “Strain Engineering Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polariton Propagation Lengths for Gold Nanowires”, Applied Physics Letters 2013; 102:041909.