Srikanth Gopalan, Ph.D.

Photo of Srikanth Gopalan

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Utah

phone: (617) 358-2297
office: 730 Commonwealth Avenue, EMA 210

Research Interests

Fuel cells * Chemical thermodynamics * Kinetics and transport phenomena to model the behavior of electrochemical systems

Professor Srikanth Gopalan conducts research in the areas of application of solid state electrochemistry to clean power generation. He is interested in the role of materials structure, point defect chemistry, microstructure, and interfaces on their electrical and transport properties.  Applications of interest include solid oxide fuel cells, hydrogen generation through membrane separation, electrochemical sensors and energy storage.

Current projects include: application of x-ray, spectroscopic, and electrochemical tools to unravel the cathodic processes in solid oxide fuel cells, application of a mixed ionic and electronic conducting membrane for high purity hydrogen generation, conversion of waste to hydrogen using a modified high temperature electrolysis process, and potentiometric sensors for sensing rare earth cations in aqueous media.


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