Michael Gevelber, Ph.D.

Photo of Michael Gevelber

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

phone: (617) 353-9693

email: gevelber@bu.edu

office: 730 Commonwealth Avenue, ENA 203FM

lab: Advanced Materials Process Control Laboratory

Research Interests

Modeling and control for advanced materials processing applications and sustainable builings: Electro-spinning of nanofibers * Plasma spray * Optimization of Building HVAC systems * Building Energy Use

Professor Gevelber’s engineering research focuses on developing enhanced materials processing capabilities though modeling, sensor development, experimentation, and integrated system and control design. Research in his Advanced Materials Process Control Laboratory has focused on designing and implementing real time control for a variety of materials processing systems and includes production scale equipment for electron beam deposition, plasma spray, crystal growth, and electrospinning. Current research projects include electrospinning of nanofibers and plasma spray for thermal barrier coatings and fuel cells.

In terms of sustainability, his research includes improving energy efficiency of buildings including developing a new system identification approach that helps optimize air flow in existing commercial buildings, and conducting energy assessments for urban housing and universities. Professor Gevelber has lead a class which has conducted the first detailed energy audit for the Boston University’s Campus, which included identifying and implementing possible conservation options. He serves on the university’s Sustainability Committee, co-chairs the university’s energy working group, is a member of the universities Clean Energy and Environmental Initiative, which is focused on integrating the research efforts across the various colleges on campus, and serves on Newton’s Energy Commission.

Professor Gevelber is a participating faculty member of the division of materials science and engineering (MSE) and an affiliated faculty member in the Division of Systems Engineering (SE). He is also the founder and manager of Cyber Materials LLC, which develops advanced control solutions to improve manufacturing processes, and a co-founder of Aeolus Building Efficiency, winner of the 2013 energy efficiency track of the MIT Clean Energy Contest.

Selected Publications
  • Y. Cai, M. Gevelber, “The Effect of Relative Humidity and Evaporation Rate on Electrospinning: fiber diameter and measurement for control implications”, Journal of Material Science, Nov. 2013, 48, pp 7812-7826, 2013.
  • X. Yan, M. Gevelber, “Investigation of Electrospun Fiber Diameter Distribution and Process Dynamics”, Journal of Electrostatics, 68 (October 2010), pp. 458-264.
  • X. Yan and and M. Gevelber, “Process Dynamics and Control Analysis for Electrospinning Nanofibers”, pp1-8, WeBT4.1, in the 2010 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference Proceedings, ed P. Meckl, Cambridge MA, September 2010.
  • D. Wroblewski, G. Reimann, M. Tuttle, D. Radgowski, M. Cannamela, S. Basu, M. Gevelber, “Sensor Issues and Requirements for Developing Real-Time Control for Plasma Spray Deposition”, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology,  Vol. 19(4), June 2010, pp. 723—735.
  • M. Gevelber, D. Wroblewski, M. Cannamela, S. Basu, D. Radgowski, and M. Tuttle, “Sensor and Control Design Issues for Developing Real-Time Deposition Rate Control for Plasma Spray”, pp 1-8, TuAT6.6, in the 2010 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference Proceedings, ed P. Meckl, Cambridge MA, September 2010.
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  • E. Speyerer, M. Gevelber, D. Radgowski, “Development of an Adaptive System ID Method for Enabling Advanced E-Beam Sweep Pattern Design”, pp 1-8 TuAT6.1, in the 2010 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference Proceedings, ed P. Meckl, Cambridge MA, September 2010.
  • J. Winkler, M. Neubert, J. Rudolph, N. Duanmu, and M. Gevelber, Chapter 3, “Czochralski Process Dyanamics and Control Design”, in Crystal Growth Processes Based on Capillarity: Czochralski, Floating zone, shaping and crucible techniques, edited by Thierry Duffar, April 2010.
Selected Patents
  • M.A. Gevelber, D. Wroblewski, “Feedback Enhanced Plasma Spray Tool: molten plasma flux control “, 5/31/2011, U.S. Patent  7,952,047.
  • B. Vattiat, D. Wroblewski, M. Gevelber, “Plasma State and Flux Sensor”, 9/6/2011, U.S. Patent 8,013,994.
  • D. Wroblewski, M. Gevelber, P. Gallagher, “Automated technique of measuring room air change rates in HVAC system”, U.S.,  PCT Application filed Nov. 17, 2012,  PCT/US12/65786.