William Carey, Ph.D.

Photo of William Carey


Ph.D., The Catholic University of America

phone: (617) 353-7706

email: wcarey@bu.edu
office: 110 Cummington Street, ENG 404

Research Interests

Underwater Autonomous Systems * Multiphase media * Acoustic arrays * Vibration and Acoustic Signal Processing * Sound Radiation and Scattering

Professor Carey’s research is currently focused on the use of autonomous array systems and array signal processing to perform measurements of the acoustical properties of the oceanic coastal margins. Some these research activities falls under the category of multiphase media since ocean sediments are composed of several media such as sand, silt, water, and bubbles. This research has recently been performed in conjunction with the Woods Hole oceanographic Institution.

Dr. Carey is a Member of the Cosmos Club, a member of Sigma Xi, a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, a Fellow of the IEEE, recipient of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society’s “Distinguished Technical Achievement Award” and Editor Emeritus of the Journal Of Oceanic Engineering. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of the Acoustical Society and recipient of the Pioneers of Underwater Acoustics Silver Medal. Dr. Carey is also an Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an Adjunct Scientist in Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Please note: Professor Carey is not able to take or collaborate with any new graduate students.

Selected Publication
  • A.D. Pierce and W.M. Carey, “Low frequency attenuation of acoustic waves in sandy/silty marine sediments,” J. Acoust. Soc. of Am., 124(5), EL, 2008.
  • W.M. Carey, A.D. Pierce, R.E. Evans and J.D. Holmes “On the exponent in the power law for the attenuation at low frequencies in sandy sediments,” J. Acout. Soc., Am 124(5), EL, 2008.