Eytan Barouch, Ph.D.

Photo of Eytan Barouch


Ph.D., University of New York at Stony Brook

phone: (617) 358-0845
email: eytan@bu.edu
office: 15 St. Mary’s Street, EMB 134

Areas of Interest

Simulation of industrial processes * Numerical analysis * Algorithm development


Professor Barouch’s main current interest is a combination of numerical analysis with specific practical problems of electromagnetic applications. These include:

  • Simulations of micro-chip fabrications using non-uniform grid transforms to reduce the storage and file-size required so practical results can be obtained in real time without any sacrifice of accuracy.
  • Electromagnetic inverse scattering of complicated material-compositions and complicated shapes. In particular metals and lossy materials combined to enhance or reduce scattered beams for both identifications and disguise. 
  • Material properties identifications including non-linear response using ADE (auxiliary differential equation) for each term in the materials permittivity function.