Paul Barbone, Ph.D.

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Ph.D., Stanford University

phone: (617) 353-6063
office: 730 Commonwealth Avenue, EMA 221

Research Interests

Theoretical & computational (bio) mechanics and (bio) acoustics * Medical (ultrasound) imaging * Inverse problems * Finite element methods * Scattering * Multiple scales * Microstructure * Dynamics and vibration of complex systems

Paul Barbone uses tools from applied mathematics to study forward and inverse problems in (bio)mechanics, (bio)acoustics, medical imaging, and other areas. He has studied and made contributions in the areas of structural acoustics; waves in elastic media, piezoelectric media, layered media, periodic media, and in media with microstructure; vibration of infinitely complicated structures, hybrid asymptotic/numerical methods, optimal finite element methods, algebraic eigenvalue problems, nonlinear acoustic propagation, multiphase (bubbly) flow and ultrasound imaging.

His most recent interests lie in the areas of inverse elasticity problems as applied to medical imaging (elastography) and soft-tissue biomechanics.


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