Ronald A. Roy, Ph.D.

Photo of Ron Roy

Adjunct Professor

Ph.D., Yale University

phone: +44 1865 283452
office: Dept. of Engineering Science, Univ. of Oxford, UK

Research Interests

Physical acoustics * Medical ultrasonics for imaging and therapy * Bubble dynamics * Nonlinear acoustics * Acousto optics

Professor Roy’s main area of research is physical acoustics, which is the study of the generation, propagation, and detection of acoustic waves as well as the interactions of sound with matter. Of particular interest is acoustic cavitation and bubble dynamics, especially problems related to sonoluminescence (light from sound), sonochemistry, and the inception and detection of inertial cavitation activity. He is active in the fields of Medical Ultrasonics and Bioacoustics, particularly studies relating to the role played by bubbles and cavitation microstreaming in diagnostic and high-intensity therapeutic ultrasound. Bubble-related underwater and ocean acoustics have been long-standing areas of interest, particularly in the study of ocean ambient noise mechanisms, near-surface scattering from bubble clouds, and the acoustics of ship wakes. Fluid mechanics (two-phase flows), nonlinear acoustics, acousto-optics, and high-power industrial acoustics are all areas of past and present activity.


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