Todd Murray PhD

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

phone: (303) 492-7236

Research Interests

Laser ultrasonics * Nanoscale materials characterization * Acoustic wave propagation
* Optical sensors and NDE * Photorefractive materials and devices * Optoacoustic imaging

Professor Murray’s research is focused on the development of optical sensors for materials characterization, defect detection and process monitoring in the Laser Acoustics Laboratory. He has developed laser-based inspection systems for the nondestructive evaluation of thin films and is currently developing a system to measure the thermal and mechanical properties of materials on a sub-micron scale for the inspection of microelectronic and micromechanical devices. He has also developed models for the pulsed laser generation of ultrasound in multilayer materials systems and currently works to expand these models to describe ultrasonic wave propagation in a variety of materials systems. Additional projects involve the development photorefractive crystal based optical sensors and optoacoustic imaging systems for medical applications.