Guy Thompson, M.S.


M.S., Manufacturing Engineering, Boston University


Research Interests

Product design * Electromechanical machine design * Rapid prototyping * CAD/CAM


Professor Thompson has worked for a variety of industries since graduating from Boston University in 2004. Beginning his career working on jet engine components for a GE subcontractor, he has also worked on radar systems for defense for Raytheon, new 3D printing technology at 3D Systems (formerly Z Corporation), and novel agricultural robotics systems at Harvest Automation. Additionally, he has acted as a consultant in for medical device and sports equipment companies.

Currently, Prof. Thompson works as a Staff Mechanical Engineer in the Biomimetic Microsystems group at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering located in the Longwood Medical area. He is currently working on the integrated system development for the Human Organs-on-Chip project that aims to improve the reliability of drug discovery and toxicology screening.