ME507 Process Modeling and Control

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This course provides an integrated study of physical system modeling and dynamics, control concepts, and process/product design. The goal is to deepen students physical intuition as well as learning how to determine the appropriate roles for changing the system design and adding closed loop control.

Major themes include: 


* Modeling multi-domain physical systems (electrical, mechanical fluid, thermal).

* Relation of system features to dominant dynamics.

* Application of control techniques in the time and frequency domain.

* Actuator selection and control structure design.

* Integration of system and control design.








Examples and case studies are drawn from a variety of applications including: 


* disk drives

* robotics

* biomedical applications

* CD manufacturing

* thermal processing

* film deposition for electronics
and energy applications

* welding

* high speed machining

ME 507 Process Modeling and Control

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