ME 510 Production Systems Analysis

This senior/graduate student mezzanine-level course provides an overview of methods and models used in the analysis and synthesis of production systems. As a Systems Elective, it is intended to provide depth in the area of manufacturing systems, building on the material in ME 308 (Statistics and Quality Engineering). The ten course assignments cover an array of topics, providing students with a solid foundation in production systems analysis.

How much improvement can you get from your production line through better ordering and sequencing?

What does the model of a well balanced production system look like?

What do you need to know to build a model of your production system? And what can you afford to ignore?

What part of your production system will respond most dramatically to optimization? And which parts will most affect the system as whole?

How can you predict and plan for bottlenecks?

Why is Probablility important for a Production system?

Is it always best to have the lowest possible inventory?

ME 510 Production System Analysis

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