Grant Funded Travel

International Travel

Open Skies Agreement

Qualifying travelers, whose travel is supported by federal funds, may travel on U.S. Flag Air Carriers, or European Union airlines as long as they touch down in an EU country. Travelers with DoD funding are not allowed to take advantage of this agreement.  List of current member countries: Please noteTravelers with DoD funding are not allowed to take advantage of the “Open Skies” agreement.

Fly America Act

The Federal Travel Regulations requires international flights be on U.S. flag air carriers whenever possible, which is accomplished when code sharing is present. Code sharing occurs when two or more airlines “code” the same flight as if it was their own.  Therefore, international flight may be on a foreign air carrier’s plane, but is considered the same as one operated by an U.S. flag air carrier.

Compliance with the Fly America Act is satisfied when the U.S. flag air carrier’s designator code is present in the area next to the flight numbers on the airline ticket, boarding pass, or on the documentation for an electronic ticket (passenger receipt).

For example, United Airlines has a code share agreement with Air China to Beijing, China. If the boarding pass (flight coupon) or e-ticket identifies a flight as UA ##, the requirements of the Federal Travel Regulations would be met, even if the flight was on an Air China airplane. If however, the boarding pass (flight coupon) or e-ticket identifies the flight as a CA ##, then the requirements of the Federal Travel Regulations would not be met.


List of current US Flag Carriers:
Airtran Airways (FL) Alaska Airlines (AS)
America West Airlines (HP) American Airlines (AA)
American Trans Air (TZ) Continental Airlines (CO)
Delta Airlines (DL) Frontier Airlines (F9)
Hawaiian Airlines (HA) Midwest Express (YX)
Northwest Airlines (NW) Southwest Airlines (WN)
Spirit Airlines (NK) United Airlines (UA)
US Airways (US)


Major Airlines who ARE NOT US Flag Carriers:
Aer Lingus Air France
Lufthansa Olympic Airways
Air Canada British Airways
Qantas Virgin Atlantic

Domestic Travel

Domestic travel in the U.S. includes travel within and between any of the 50 States of the U.S. and its possessions and territories. Additionally, many agencies consider travel to Mexico and Canada as domestic.  However, the definition of foreign travel may differ from sponsor to sponsor, and each award must be examined for this definition.

Please note: If these rules are not adhered to, your travel claim may not be fully reimbursed to you.  If there is ever a question, please do not hesitate to discuss it with your PI or the ME Grants/Finance Office.

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