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2015 ME@BU Open House on Friday, February 6th. 2-5pm

This year’s event has multiple locations! Starting in PHO 906, you will sign in at the registration table, pick up free swag, and grab some refreshments.
From there you will proceed to the Tegan Design Studios at 750 Commonwealth Ave and the Upcoming Robotics Lab also at 750 Commonwealth ave. Each location has a variety of demonstrations and information sessions so be sure to check out each spot!

Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline, ranging in areas of study from acoustics, robotics, materials, and MEMS & nanotechnology. The ME Open House is designed to showcase what Mechanical Engineering is all about and open our doors to students to see what our labs are up to.

Visitors can expect to see a range of lab demonstrations done by our grad students and faculty members, tour the EPIC facility, see what our student groups are working on, and network.