Design Fellows

Two Raytheon Fellows finished their M.S. degrees and graduated in May 2009. They are 

  • Mariusz Jachtorowicz
  • David Tolmie

Jachtorowcz chose to do his research activity with with Prof. Uday Pal on physical processes related to fuel cells. Much of the work involved experimental tests and analysis of the results. Tolmie chose to work with Prof Dan Cole on simulation of physical processes involving investigating and controlling subharmonic resonances for Rydberg atomic systems.


In the fall of 2008, two new Raytheon Fellows began their M.S. studies in Mechanical Engineering. They are

  •  Michelle Bodreau
  • Joseph Wasniewski

Besides the normal set of courses they need to take, they have also chosen their M.S. research areas. Bodreau has begun work with prof. Theodore Fritz in the CAS Astronomy department on aerospace applications, specifically on the BU satellite project. Wasniewski has begun work with Prof. Calin Belta on control and communication of autonomous robot networks.