ME Department Seminar: Metin Sitti (Carnegie Mellon University)

11:00 am on Friday, February 22, 2013
RM 245
Miniature Mobile Robots Down to Micron Scale: Miniature mobile robots have the unique capability of accessing to small spaces and scales directly. In this talk, design and control of different size scale miniature robots with various locomotion capabilities and applications are presented. First, palm-size climbing robots using gecko foot-hairs inspired elastomer micro-fiber adhesives as attachment materials are proposed. Micro-mechanics, fabrication and performance of these new adhesives are presented. Next, going down to sub-millimeter scale, untethered magnetic micro-robots actuated by remote magnetic fields are demonstrated. Novel magnetic micro-robot locomotion principles, multi-robot control methods and applications such as cell-laden micro-gel manipulation, microfluidic flow control and reconfigurable micro-systems are proposed.