Special Seminar Series: Nachiket Gokhale

1:00 pm on Tuesday, November 27, 2012
110 Cummington Mall, RM 245
Nachiket Gokhale (Weidlinger Associates Inc) - Acoustic cloak design: This talk will discuss the design of a pentamode acoustic cloak (Norris ,PRSA, 2008). Different design concepts will be explored using ray-tracing and finite element simulations. A transformation yielding minimal elastic anisotropy will be used to design the acoustic cloak. The microstructure of the cloak will be designed using a analytical homogenization technique and validated using FEM based asymptotic homogenization, and the band structure of the is explored using dispersion diagrams. Challenges in fabrication will be discussed.
This is joint work with Jeffrey Cipolla (WAI), Professor Andrew Norris (Rutgers University), Adam Nagy (Graduate Student - Rutgers) under an ONR SBIR under the supervision of Drs. John Tague and Jan Lindberg.