BU Rocket Propulsion Group

BU Rocket Club 2009 with Professor Cleveland

BU Rocket Propulsion Group, originally established in 2003 as the BU Rocket Team, is an undergraduate student organization devoted to research and development of hybrid rocket motors. With a diverse background in majors from Engineering to Management, members of BURPG use innovative and effective approaches to tackle some of the greatest challenges in aerospace.

Members set their own deadlines, track their progress, report findings and encourage each other almost daily. The design process goes from chalkboard and CAD drawings to machining and assembling by testing the untapped engineering skills of each member.

For more information, please contact any of the 2014-2015 officers:

Harris, Armor; davidh@bu.edu – President
Akbulut, Mehmet; atkelley@bu.edu – Vice President
Sindel, David; dsindel@bu.edu – Treasurer
Ha, Benjamin; meak@bu.edu – Secretary

Visit BURPG’s own website at: www.burocket.org