Mechanical Engineering Concentration Courses 2012

Complete List of Concentration Courses

Offered Summer I 2012

  • ENG EK 409 Engineering Economy (Required for MFG Concentration; Pre-req: Junior standing or consent)
  • ENG ME 502 Intellectual Assets (Elective for MFG Concentration; Pre-req: Senior standing)
  • ENG ME 579 Nano/Microelectronic Device Manufacture (Elective for either MFG or Nanotechnology Concentration; Pre-req: PY 313 or consent)

Offered Fall 2012

Aerospace Concentration (ME majors only):

Manufacturing Concentration (ME majors only):

  • Required: ENG ME 345 Automated Manufacturing (Pre-req: EK 156) ENG EK 409 Engineering Economy (Pre-req: Junior standing or consent)
  • Electives: ENG ME 502 Intellectual Assets (Pre-req: Senior standing) ENG ME 510 Production Systems (Pre-req: ME 345) ENG ME 583 Product Management (Pre-req: Consent)

Energy Technologies & Environmental Engineering Concentration:

  • Required (Note one of these two is required; both may be taken): *ENG EK 408 Introduction to Clean Energy and Storage Technologies (Pre-reqs: PY 211, PY 212, CH 131, MA 123) ENG EC 417 Electric Energy Systems (Pre-req: EK 307)
  • Electives: CAS GE 250 The Fate of Nations: Climate, Resources, and Institutions (no pre-reqs) CAS GE 304 Environmentally Sustainable Development (no pre-reqs) CAS GE 420 Methods of Environmental Policy (Pre-req: EC 101) ENG ME 533 Energy Conversion (Pre-req: ME 304) ENG EK 546 Assessment of Sustainable Energy (Pre-req: CH 101)

Nanotechnology Concentration:

  • Required: ENG EC 481 Fundamentals of Nanomaterials (Pre-req: PY 313)
  • Electives: CAS PY 313 Modern Physics (Pre-req: PY 211, PY 212, MA 124) ENG ME 555 MEMS: Fabrication & Materials (Pre-req: consent)

* Description missing from Bulletin