Additional Experiences


Research, Co-op, and Internship

Students can perform research with a faculty member at any point throughout their four years. Several specific programs target research opportunities. Students are also encouraged to gain experience working in industry via a summer internship. There is an additional option for students which provides for a longer co-op experience. For more about these programs, please click here.

Study Abroad

Mechanical Engineering students can apply to participate in the College’s study abroad program.  The program has been designed so that students can continue to fulfill requirements for graduation while learning a foreign language and experiencing another culture.  The highlighted courses in the program planning sheet on the left show the courses that are regularly offered at the study abroad sites.  The program has been designed such that students will attend during the spring semester of their sophomore year and will not extend the time until graduation.

Student Groups

Mechanical Engineering is home to very rich and active student groups. Groups range from the BU Rocket Propulsion Group, to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Group, and our SAE teams (Baja and Formula Racing).