Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer


The Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Laboratory’s primary function is to provide laboratory components for the thermal sciences courses ME 304 Energy and Thermodynamics and ME 419 Heat Transfer.




Lab Info

Location: 110 Cummington Mall, ENG B01

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The laboratory contains the following equipment:

  • A small-scale boiler, steam engine, and condenser system used for two exercises in ME 304: (a) Measurement of saturated steam properties and (b) Application of the first law of thermodynamics to closed and open systems.
  • An instrumented concentric double-wall heat exchanger apparatus used for heat exchanger and internal convection experiments in ME 419. The exercises involve determining the overall heat transfer coefficient, the heat transfer coefficients of the individual streams, the heat exchanger effectiveness, and temperature profiles through the heat exchanger.
  • Constant temperature baths, instrumented metal spheres, and a DAQ computer used for an unsteady heat transfer experiment involving measurements of the time history of the temperature at the surface and at the center of both a copper sphere and a steel sphere moved between the temperature baths. This experiment is used for illustrating the validity of the lumped capacitance modeling approximation in ME 419.

Associated with this laboratory is a separate Jet Engine Laboratory which contains an operating mini jet engine, fully instrumented for computer data acquisition. The apparatus is used for experiments in ME 304 and also in ME 425 Compressible Flow and Propulsion.