Lab Info

Faculty Liaison: Professor Sarin

Location: 750 Commonwealth Avenue, Rm. ENA B02

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Vapor Depositions

This unique state-of-the-art university research laboratory has the capability of R&D activities in both Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) techniques. It currently contains three high temperature experimental CVD units capable of producing a wide range of coatings for various applications; from tough, chemically resistant coatings to scintillating coatings for imaging applications. Several combustion flame setups have been developed and fabricated to produce diamond coatings of various morphologies on a wide range of materials. Such as the research and development of diamond coatings using an open combustion flame processing technique. A custom multiple target DC or RF sputtering unit (PVD) capable of high temperature and reactive sputtering is available to produce multilayered, composite or patterned coatings. The PVD unit has been used to produce thin coatings for both scintillation and solid oxide fuel cell research.

Analytical Tools

Unique equipment and techniques have been developed to evaluate the mechanical, chemical, and structural properties of coatings and materials. A microscratch and hardness testers is available to evaluate adherence and mechanical properties and a differential thermal and thermogravimetric analysis setup can be used to determine phase changes and reactions. The laboratory is also equipped with a Bruker D8 Focus diffractometer with independent theta and two theta axis with copper radiation. This unit is capable for orientation and phase identification for single crystals, powders, and composite materials. The standard detector is the scintillation counter, with high dynamic range and low internal background. This unit is equipped with all necessary components for qualitative or quantitative phase analysis, crystallite size determination, and structure determination and refinement.