The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers courses with interdisciplinary characteristics in thermo-fluid sciences, solid mechanics, robotics and mechatronics, biomechanical engineering and systems, micro and nano technology, material science/fabrication/and manufacturing, vibrations and acoustics, computational science, and systems engineering.  At the graduate level, students can also access the broad range of courses offered in the Systems Engineering Division and the Material Science and Engineering Division, many of whose members have their primary affiliation in the ME Department.

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Course Title
ABET Syllabus
spring 2009 SYLLABUS
ME 500 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME/EC/SE 501 Dynamic System Theory
ME 502 Intellectual Assets: Creation, Protection, and Commercialization
ME/MS 503 Kinetic Processes in Materials
ME/MS 504 Polymers & Soft Materials
ME/MS 505 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
ME/MS 507 Process Modeling and Control
ME/MS 508 Computational Methods in Materials Science
ME 510 Production Systems Analysis
ME 511 Manufacturing Information Systems
ME 512 Engineering Analysis
ME 513 Compressible Aerodynamics
ME/EC 514 Simulation for Manufacturing
ME 515 Vibration of Complex Mechanical Systems
ME 516 Statistical Mechanical Concepts in Engineering
ME 517 Product Development
ME 518 Product Quality
ME 519 Theory of Heat Transfer
ME 520 Acoustics I
ME/BE 521 Continuum Mechanics
ME 522 Underwater Acoustics
ME/MS/BE 523 Mechanics of Biomaterials
ME/MS/BE 524 Skeletal Tissue Mechanics
ME 525 Technology Ventures
ME/MS 526 Simulation of Physical Processes
ME/MS 527 Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing
ME 529 Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials and Processes
ME/MS 530 Introduction to Micro- and Nano-mechanics of Solids
ME 531 Phase Transformations
ME/MS 532 Atomic Structure and Dislocations in Materials
ME/MS 534 Materials Technology for Microelectronics
ME/MS 535 Green Manufacturing
ME 536 Materials and Processes in Manufacturing
ME 540 Advanced Aerodynamics
ME 541 Classical Thermodynamics
ME 542 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
ME/EC 544 Networking the Physical World
ME/MS 545 Electrochemistry of Fuel Cells and Batteries
ME 550 Product Supply Chain Design
ME/MS 555 MEMS: Fabrication and Materials
ME 560 Precision Machine Design and Instrumentation
ME 566 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
ME/EC 567 Electromagnetic Wave Computation
ME 568 Modeling of Pattern Transfer in Microlithography
ME 570 Robot Motion Planning
ME/EC 579 Microelectronic Device Manufacturing
ME/MS 580 Theory of Elasticity
ME 581 Experimental Techniques in Solid Mechanics
ME/MS 582 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
ME 583 Product Management
ME 584 Manufacturing Strategy
ME 585 Interactive Computation for CAD/CAM
ME 586 Product Development Engineering
ME 700 Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME/EC 701 Optimal and Robust Control
ME 702 Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 703 Managerial Cost Accounting
ME 704 Adaptive Control of Dynamic Systems
ME 705 Operations Management
ME 706 Acoustics and Aerodynamics
ME 707 Finite Element Analysis
ME/EC 708 Advanced Process Control
ME 709 Turbulent Flows
ME/SE/EC 710 Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control
ME 711 Multiscale Methods in Computational Mechanics
ME 713 Viscous Flow
ME/SE 714 Advanced Stochastic Modeling and Simulation
ME 715 Waves in Fluids
ME/MS 718 Advanced Topics in Nanotechnology
ME 719 Computational Problem Solving
ME 720 Acoustics II
ME 721 Acoustic Bubble Dynamics
ME 722 Wave Propagation in Solids
ME 723 Waves in Random Media
ME/SE/EC 724 Advanced Optimization Theory and Methods
ME/SE/EC 725 Queuing Systems
ME/MS/BE 726 Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering I
ME/MS/BE 727 Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering II
ME 728 Special Topics in Wave Propagation
ME 729 Non-Linear Acoustics and Sonic Booms
ME/SE 732 Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms
ME/SE/EC 733 Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems
SE/ME/EC 734 Hybrid Systems
ME/BE/MS 736 Biomedical Transport Phenomena
ME/SE 740 Vision, Robotics and Planning
ME 741 Fluid-Structure Interaction
ME/MS 742 Bio-Fluids and Structural Mechanics
ME 743 Multiphase Flow
ME 744 Advanced Compressible Aerodynamics
ME 745 Computational Aeroacoustics
ME 747 Advanced Computer Graphics
ME/SE 755 Communication Networks
ME 760 Active Control of Sound Vibration
ME 761 Experimental Modal Analysis and System Identification
ME/SE 762 Non-Linear Control of Mechanical Systems
ME/SE 765 Production System Design
ME/SE 766 Advanced Scheduling Models and Methods
ME/MS 778 Micromachined Transducers
ME/BE 788 Soft Tissue Biomechanics
ME 780 Perturbation Methods in Mechanics
ME 785 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
ME/BE 788 Graduate Teaching Seminar
ME 850 Graduate Teaching Seminar
ME 900 Research
ME 901 Thesis
ME 925 Graduate Project
ME 939 Continuing Study
ME 951 Independent Study
ME 991 Dissertation