Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering

The PhD program in Mechanical Engineering provides both post-bachelors and post-masters applicants the opportunity for study and research in a broad range of areas. The PhD program is a fully funded program. The College of Engineering is committed to five full years of financial support for graduate students in the CoE Ph.D. program who maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

As a mechanical engineering PhD student, you will pursue theoretical, computational, or experimental research in a topic area determined by your interests and those of your faculty research advisor. As a student in Boston, you will be in the midst of a vibrant high-tech research community where external collaborations with industry, government, and other universities are common. However, your experience will likely not be limited to Boston as PhD students often present their work at conferences around the world.

Provided here is a suggested time line for completing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering together with all of the links to important forms and procedure descriptions.

1st Year
  • Launch research project (if not already started)
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year and beyond

* = Suggested readers from outside the department need to approved by the department.

  • All PhD students are required to satisfy a teaching practicum. This involves teaching for a minimum of two semesters and taking a course covering basic teaching methods and philosophies.
  • Note, there are no structured course requirements for post-master’s PhD students, but such students are required to complete 32 credits applicable to the degree, all of which must be at the 500 level or higher.
  • Doctoral students must satisfy a residency requirement of at least two consecutive academic-year semesters of full-time graduate study at Boston University.
  • Doctoral students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 to remain in good academic standing and to graduate. All graduate courses are counted in the GPA. Only grades of “B-” or better fulfill PhD curricular requirements.
  • Post-bachelors doctoral students will be awarded MS degrees upon completion of the 32 credit hours of structured coursework and the PhD Prospectus Exam.