ME Graduate Coursework

The coursework requirements for PhD students are the same as those for MSME students.  A program planning sheet is provided to help guide the selection of courses.

Requirement Overview:

  • ME Core Requirement (3 courses; 12 credits). Two credits from the chosen Concentration Area and one course from the chosen Breadth Area

Areas: Acoustics; Dynamics, Systems and Controls; Solid Mechanics/Materials; MEMS/Nanotechnology; Thermofluid Science and Energy; Biomechanics/Biomaterials

  • Engineering/Science Electives (2 courses; 8 credits). Any two 500-/700-level courses in engineering or physical science
  • Mathematics Requirement (1 course; 4 credits). Selected from an approved list
  • For students pursuing a post-bachelor’s PhD or master’s with thesis:  Thesis Credit Requirement (2 courses; 8 credits)
  • For students pursuing a non-thesis master’s:  ME Electives (2 courses; 8 credits). Any 500-/700-level course in Mechanical Engineering
  • The set of courses used to satisfy the requirements for the MS in Mechanical Engineering must consist of no more than one course from the list of Engineering Management courses
  • Students may elect to complete a practicum as part of their course requirements. Courses satisfying the practicum require completion of a major project by students working either in groups or independently.


  1. Students select courses in consultation with their academic advisors.
  2. The number of courses a student will take any semester depends on the student’s funding source, research obligations, employment constraints, and whether the student is post MS or post BS.
  3. Further course information together with offerings over the past several years listed with their syllabi is available.
  4. For deviations from the planning sheet requirements a petition may be filed.
  5. Petition for Directed Study/Independent Coursework