The MS program in Manufacturing Engineering provides individuals the opportunity for advanced study and research in modern manufacturing.  Graduates may work in any one of a variety of areas of engineering industry, in a government laboratory, or continue their training toward a doctoral degree in manufacturing engineering or a related field.

Students in the Master of Science program must complete coursework and a practicum. The practicum can be satisfied via either a team-based industry project or a thesis. The industry project is carried over a period of approximately four months. The thesis typically takes a year or more to complete and requires that students identify a research advisor and a suitable thesis project (in consultation with the research advisor), and then defend the thesis before a committee of faculty upon completion of the thesis, prior to completing the program. Students electing to do the thesis typically need more than one year to complete the M.S. program. Students electing to do the industry project can complete the M.S. program in one year if the take four courses each semester.

The thesis-based planning sheet and the non-thesis planning sheet explain the specific curricular requirements for the degree program, including the practicum options.