MEng in Manufacturing Engineering Curriculum


Effective Fall 2014

Master of Engineering students are required to complete a minimum of 32 credit hours, including an industry practicum, based on the following sequence of courses:

Students are required to take the following 28 credits:

AC 711 Financial Reporting and Control
ME 584 Manufacturing Strategy
ME 510 Production Systems Analysis
ME 560 Precision Machine Design
ME 518 Product Quality
ME 517 Product Development
ME 925 Industry Practicum

Students are required to take one 4 credit elective from the following list:

ME 507 Process Modeling and Control
ME 514 Simulation for Manufacturing
ME 535 Green Manufacturing
ME 579 Nano/Microelectronic Device Manufacturing
ME 555 MEMs: Fabrication and Materials
ME 526 Simulation of Physical Processes
OB 848 The Leadership Challenge