Distance Learning – Student Testimonials

Here are a few quotes from our graduates:

“The DLP classes I’ve taken so far have been great – the instructors are very personable and open to questions beyond the classroom. And being able to take advantage of watching the course on the web has been a huge help.” – Guy Thompson ’07 – Raytheon
“The Distance Learning Program offered by Boston University in Manufacturing Engineering has proven to be a great resource for continuing my education. The wide variety of classes offered through the Distance Learning Program gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain insight into many different areas of industry that they would not usually be subjected to in their day-to-day positions. I’ve greatly benefited from the program’s flexibility of working to your schedule, especially with afternoon/evening classes. In the event that you are away on business or miss a class, the ability to review the classes via the web makes it easy to keep up to date with class progress. I would strongly recommend the DLP to any working professional considering an advanced degree in Manufacturing Engineering.” – Keith Bagley ’06 – Pratt & Whitney
“Having completed my undergraduate degree in a traditional, on-campus program at Boston University, I can say that there is no compromise in the quality of education received in the Graduate Distance Learning Program. The program was accommodating to my needs as a professional and a parent, having taken courses through my home computer and through a remote set-up from a work conference room.” – Margaret Lortie ’05 – DePuy a Johnson & Johnson Company

Graduates of the Distance Learning Program work at a variety of companies including:

BAE Systems – Bickford Aerospace – Canterbury Engineering Co.
GE – Hamilton – Ingersoll Rand – Johnson & Johnson
Lockheed Martin – Lucas Aerospace – Pratt & Whitney
Philips Medical Systems – Precision Combustion Inc.
Raytheon – Sikorsky Aircraft – Teradyne and – UTC.