Distance Learning Program – Admissions

Students of the Manufacturing Engineering Distance Learning program are from diverse backgrounds. While most students hold a Bachelor’s degree in an engineering related discipline, some students who enter the program studied Mathematics or Science as an undergraduate. In other instances, students already have advanced degrees, and are furthering their careers and achieving personal goals by pursuing an MS degree in Manufacturing Engineering.

In all of these individual cases, students’ backgrounds are looked at on an individual basis during the admissions process. Some students may be asked to demonstrate competency in a specific area through a designated course sequence, or be required to take additional courses to satisfy the requirements of the MS degree. Specific program requirements are determined through consultation with a departmental academic advisor.

Required Admissions Credentials

The following credentials are required for admissions into the MS program:

  1. Complete application. Visit the Admissions section of the College of Engineering Graduate Programs website for online application and all related information.
  2. $70 application fee
  3. Complete official academic records of all college work attempted
  4. Two letters of recommendation
  5. Official GRE score, sent directly from the testing center to the College of Engineering Graduate Programs Office (use code 3087, no dept. code is necessary).
  6. Statement of purpose (essay)
  7. Résumé (optional)

The paper application form and all credentials should be sent to: Boston University College of Engineering Graduate Programs 48 Cummington Street, 2nd Floor Boston, Massachusetts 02215 U.S.A.

Students should consult the College of Engineering Graduate Bulletin for further details on admissions requirements, deadlines, and application materials.

The Graduate Programs Office at the College of Engineering is a resource for prospective students, in the areas of admissions, policy, and procedures.

Admissions Procedures

Students seeking admissions into the MS program should visit the College of Engineering Graduate Programs website for complete application instructions

Coursework on a Non-Degree Basis

Students may take up to three courses on a Special/Non-degree basis. Students are expected to formally apply and matriculate prior to a fourth course, and are encouraged to apply upon completion of a second course.