Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health Education, Science, and Practice

Welcome to the BUSPH Center of Excellence (C.O.E.) in Maternal and Child Health (MCH)!

Since 1995, we are very proud to be one of thirteen MCH C.O.E.s in the United States, funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) of the Health Resources Service Administration (HRSA 2 T76MC00017-25-00). 

As a Center, we offer specialized educational, leadership, research, and practice programs to give students pursuing an MCH education a leg up in their ultimate aim: to prepare for a dynamic career in MCH, be it designing and managing community programs, advocating for national policies, developing communication strategies, or participating in research with an international NGO.

*New* – 2020-2025 MCH CoE Funding Announcement

Our overall Center goals and activities fall within the following domains:

  • Trainee Support
  • Increasing Workforce Diversity, Eliminating Health Inequalities
  • Inter-Professional Education
  • Research Generation, Translation, and Dissemination
  • Partnerships: Collaboration, Continuing Education, Technical Assistance, Increasing Capacity, Interchange with National CoE Partners